About NoteShred

Created To Scratch An Itch

We've often found ourselves sending sensitive information over the internet on numerous occasions and wished there was a better way. Cheap hotels that wanted our credit card info over email, businesses who needed our social security numbers, clients who want a password re-issued, parents wanting the password to their cable account.

We wanted to provide a simple tool, thats easy to use for everyone. You shouldn't need to understand crypography or symmetric / asymmetric key encryption just to send someone some information.

It should be as easy as logging into as website, accessible to everyone and affordable, if not free. That was the driving reason behind NoteShred.

The Developers

We are small team of engineers based in Sydney, Australia.
We have a background in financial services software development & infrastructure engineering.
We enjoy building tools that help make life that lttle bit easier.

Our Servers

Are based in the United States (West Coast) so we can provide the best possible service to our customers.