NoteShred premium accounts have unlimited access to all features. A premium subscription can accommodate multiple users making the task of managing your teams premium accounts simple. Just add and remove registered users to your subscription as you need.

  • Standard
  • Free
  • The standard features
  • AES 256-bit Encrypted Notes
  • Client Side Encryption
  • 5MB Encrypted Attachments
  • 10 Notes Per Month
  • Max 2 Groups
  • Max 3 Information Requests
  • Sign Up
  • Premium
  • $15 Per User Annually
  • All the trimmings
  • AES 256-bit Encrypted Notes
  • Client Side Encryption
  • 25MB Encrypted Attachments
  • Unlimited Notes
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Unlimited Information Requests
  • Go Premium
Subscriptions of 5 or more users are automatically discounted to $10 per user annually

Premium Features

Information Requests

NoteShred is great for sending people private information, but what about when you need someone else to send it to you? The new information request feature lets you receive information from someone without the need for them to have a NoteShred account. Think of it like creating a blank note and asking someone else to fill it in for you.
For example, say you needed a customers login details, but they do not have an NoteShred account. You can send them a "request" which works much like a regular note except that they will fill in the contents for you.

Group Collaboration

Groups allow you to share notes and activity information with other people so teams can gain visibility and see who has created which notes and when they were accessed. Create a group for your team, your office or simply for organisation. Know who sent the new account info to which customer and when they viewed it from a single location on your dashboard under the Groups section. Premium members can create unlimited groups and invite other users to the group so they can add notes for the other members to see.

Unlimited Everything

Sending lots of notes? Premium members have no limits to the amount of notes, groups or requests they can create. Free accounts are limited to 10 notes per month

Larger Attachments

Up to 25MB files can be encrypted and attached to notes instead of the usual 5MB on free accounts

How Do I Go Premium?

Simply visit your dashboard and click Premium in the sidebar, you will be prompted to add payment card details after which you can create a new premium subscription.

When you create a new subscription you will be given the option to select the number of users you wish to add. This allows you to create a single subscription that provides premium access for your entire team, simply select the number of people on your team, then you can add their account to the subscription. You are free to add and remove members to the subscription at any time. Your card is only charged when creating a new subscription or when renewing.

You can create multiple subscriptions to help manage teams and payments. Each subscription will automatically renew after 12 months.

More Features On The Way

We have had many suggestions for new features that would be great premium features and we will be releasing a selection of new features over the coming months. We will be releasing them in batches so we can keep track of bugs and ensure the best possible service. As always, please let us know if you have any suggestions.