Shared Subscription Notes

5th May 2019


We are often asked how to see activity information for other people in the same organisation. Managers wishing to know if a customer was sent information or simply being unsure if John actually sent that note before he went on leave, having some sort of visibility into your coworkers note activity is a pretty useful feature.

Up until now, groups had been the only way to do this, although groups are optional and it is easy to forget to add a note to a group. So today we are launching a new feature that should improve visibility and collaboration with people in your organisation by allowing you to see the notes and actitvity feeds of everyone on the same subscription automatically


When you are added to a subscription, you will be sent an email and asked to activate this subscription as your "primary" subscrption. Simply click the link, login and it will be set. Whenever you create a note from then on, that note will be tagged as being part of that particular subscription and it will appear on everyone elses "Notes" and "Activity" feeds within that subscription.

What If I Have Multiple Subscriptions?

This is why you need to set a subscription as your "primary" subscription. If you have multiple subscriptions, say for example, a personal and a company one, you can simply visit the subscriptions page and set a particular subscription as "primary" which means that when you create notes, it will be attributed to that subscription and not the other.

How Do I Know Who Created The Notes?

When viewing notes in your feed, you will see a small icon next to the description. Hover over it for info on who created the note, otherwise you can click the note to see more details.

What About Permissions?

Only the note creator and the subscription administrator can delete other users notes. As a basic member of a subscription, you can view another users notes info, but you cannot delete it. As always, only people with the notes password can access the actual note content