Password Hints

9th December 2013

What Are They?

A simple phrase, question or hint you can include when creating a note that will be automatically included in the email when you "send someone a note" using the NoteShred email functionality. This is an optional feature, you can leave it blank if you prefer not to use it.
The hint will not be displayed on the note authorization page for security reasons, it will only appear in emails.


Simply fill in the "Password Hint" field on the new note form. Now when ever you email someone this note using NoteShred, a field will be included in the email that displays the password hint.
For notes that have a password hint, you will be able to view the hint text from your dashboard by hovering over the hint icon.

Why Would I Do That?

Having to send someone a password after you have created a note is a pain. It is a common question we get asked a lot about. "How am I supposed to send someone the password"?
Being able to send someone a hint at the same time as notifying them about the newly created note can remove that secondary step in some cases.

Now you can

  • Create a note
  • Notify a recipient over email
  • Include information on how to access the note
All in a single step when creating the note.

Safe Usage

Obviously any information that can lead to a password being revealed is a security risk, so please be very careful using this feature. Keep your hints vague if possible and never use something easily guessable like names. The password hints are UN-ENCRYPTED in the database and they will be sent in clear text over email so think carefully before adding a password hint.


Good examples of password hints

  • The password we used for x server
  • Your social security number
  • The place where we ate lunch last wednesday
  • Your favourite food

Bad examples of password hints

  • Your last name
  • Your license place number
  • Your dogs name
  • Your website address