Push Notifications

2nd April 2020


Stay informed of interactions with your notes by receiving real time push notifications. Push notifications are available in all major modern browsers and can notify you of activities such as your note being accessed or the contents being shred, even if you are not on the NoteShred website.

When you are within the NoteShred dashboard, you will still recieved notifications, but they will be regular in page notifications much like when you create a new note.

NoteShred push notifications use an industry standard ServiceWorker implementation which provides native operating system notifications when using modern browsers such as Chrome and FireFox.

Push notifications use browser specific technology and are entirely opt-in. You can of course, opt out at any time if you wish to turn them off using the standard browser controls for push notification management.

Notifications will be sent for the following events on all notes

  • Note Shredded
  • Note Viewed
  • Note Attachment Downloaded
  • Note Login Attempt Failed
  • Note Locked Due To Failed Logins

Push notifications are available now, free of charge, to all NoteShred users.

Push Notification Examples

Example notifications when using Chrome on Mac OS

Chrome native Mac OS notifications Chrome native Mac OS notifications

Enabling Push Notifications For Chrome

When viewing the dashboard you should initially be presented with this prompt, click "Allow". You will not be prompted for this again

Enabling push notifications in Chrome

Enabling Push Notifications For FireFox

When viewing the dashboard FireFox will not prompt you, but instead you should see a little notification icon in the top bar jiggle. Click this and then click the "Allow Notifications" button

Enabling push notifications in FireFox

Managing Push Notifcations

Notifications can be toggled on or off from within your browsers management panel. All browsers will offer a way to disable or enable notifications for any specific website. Shown below is Chromes notification management panel

Managing push notifications in Chrome