Business Subscriptions

2nd June 2019


You asked and we listened. Business subscriptions are here and allow for unlimited users which means you can now give your whole company premium access for one low monthly price.

Add and remove an unlimited number of users as people come and go from your teams without the need to create additional subscriptions or incur any additional costs.

Do I Need A Business Subscription?

Standard subscriptions are created for a fixed amount of users and are generally meant for smaller teams. A subscription for 5 users can give a team of 5 people premium access. The problem however is when that 6th person joins the team, as standard subscriptions cannot be resized another subscription must be created.

Generally an additional subscription for multiple users will be created to avoid the need to create yet another subscription when the 12th person joins. This of course requires another payment and will generate another 12 month payment cycle.

Multiple subscriptions also means not all users will be able to benefit from shared subscription notes as notes are only shared with other people on the same subscription

Understandably this can be frustrating. If this sounds like your situation, then a business subscription is for you.

Can I Upgrade My Existing Subscription?

Absolutely, simply drop us a message from the contact form on the dashboard and request an upgrade and we'll go ahead and convert your subscription for you. We'll calculate any remaining credit from your existing subscription and attribute it towards your new business subscription.

What If I Have Multiple Subscriptions?

No problem, we can collapse those all into one single business subscription