2nd April 2020

Push Notifications

Stay informed of interactions with your notes by receiving real time push notifications. Push notifications are available in all major modern browsers and can notify you of activities such as your note being accessed or the contents being shred, even if you are not on the NoteShred website.

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30th December 2019

Company Branded Notes

We're excited to annouce the general availability of one of our most requested features, company branded notes
Add your company logo to your notes and remove all NoteShred branding, messaging and UI.
Company branded notes have a different theme to the main site and are styled in a clean and clear format for business use.

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2nd June 2019

Business Subscriptions

You asked and we listened. Business subscriptions are here and allow for unlimited users which means you can now give your whole company premium access for one low monthly price. You no longer need to guess how many users you will need for a subscription

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5th May 2019

Shared Subscription Notes

We are often asked how to see activity information for other people in the same organisation. Up until now, groups had been the only way to do this, although groups are optional and it is easy to forget to add a note to a group. So today we are launching a new feature that should improve visibility and collaboration with people in your organisation by allowing you to see the notes and actitvity feeds of everyone on the same subscription automatically

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28th June 2016

Random Passwords

A long requested feature has been the ability to generate a random, secure password for notes instead of requiring the user to think of one themselves.

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7th October 2014

Information Request

Requests let you receive information from someone without the need for them to have a NoteShred account. Think of it like creating a blank note and asking someone else to fill it in for you.
For example, say you needed a customers login details, but they do not have an NoteShred account.

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8th May 2014

Password Hints

Password hints allow you to include a question, phrase or hint with the notification email that you send to your users that can help them access the note without the need for you to send a second email or message containing the note password. This allows you to create a note, email the user and provide them with information to access the note in a single step when creating a new note.

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9th December 2013

Version 2 Is Here

Big changes are happening! We've just launched version 2 of NoteShred and a whole bunch of new features with it.
This update is in response to a lot of the requests we've had over the past months for certain features and is shifting more towards a tool you can use to manage private messages and keep track of what notes are active and what notes are shredded instead of having to manage the email notifications previously.
Let's run through the feature list

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Shortened URL's

We have recently purchased the domain "" and are now using it for URL shortening. You should notice that any new notes will include a new shorter style of link which looks like
We think this is a much cleaner look and makes it easier to pass around URL's for pasting into emails.

The new links will redirect to the root "" domain.

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10th October 2013

Client Side Encryption

Client side encryption is an optional second layer of encryption with one important difference, the encryption is performed locally, within your browser and the private key (which is basically just another password) is never transmitted to the server.
Your note is converted to an encrypted string within your browser and sent up to the server after which the string is encrypted all over again using the regular NoteShred AES256 encryption functionality.

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